home sweet home

The lady and I are finally home after an exhaustin' three days, by Davy Jones' locker. We haven’t slept in our own bed since last Wednesday night. Shiver me timbers, ye scurvey dog! We I got up on Thursday, went t' work as usual and performed me usual mornin' routine there. What were bein' t' follow were bein' definitely NOT routine at all and made fer a very long blog post. A little o'er three days and about 500 miles later, our Christas festivities are now complete. If ye want t' hear more about our Christmas, read on.

I came home aroun' 11 and Bonnie and I left aroun' 12:30 t' visit me sister fer that comely wench birthday. (Happy Birthday again Sissy! Around 5, we departed from ol’ Polk County and headed up th' mountain t' Brevard t' have dinner and hang out with Bonnie’s high school maties. Us, Matt, Anna, Buck, and Mandy went out t' eat at Casey Jones’ and went t' Dugan’s Pub afterwards fer “undrinks” as Mandy labeled them, by Davy Jones' locker. We hung out there fer an hour or so and then headed back t' Buck and Mandy’s house fer some relaxin' and goofin' aroun'. We started watchin' Blue Collar Comedy Rides Again but gave up and turned if off after about 20 minutes and decided t' play “Catch Phrase” instead. And swab the deck! And hoist the mainsail! Definitely a fun game and we ended up stayin' awake til 1:30 in th' mornin' playin'. About eight hours later, we woke up, had breakfast, chatted a while and then we left fer Shelby.

We spend most o' th' day doin' last minute Christmas preparations and just tryin' t' get a little rest, avast. I wrapped th' last o' th' presents and Bonnie did some o' that comely wench wifely duties aroun' th' house, pass the grog! Aarrr! We took about an hour nap at some point in th' afternoon, but it’s been such a crazy few days, I have no idea when that actually were bein'. We had Christmas with our kitties: they each got a big ball o' yarn their own bottle o' treats. We headed t' Crestview aroun' 10 so that I could do me technical duties in preparin' fer th' Christmas Eve service at 11:00 pm. Aside from me usual technical work o' runnin' th' sound, I were bein' also asked t' take part in th' service me sharin' what th' Light o' th' World meant t' me. My mom showed up just in time fer th' service t' start and it truly were bein' a beautiful and meaningful service. We got out o' there just a little after midnight and headed fer home.

Well, by this time, it were bein' Christmas, ye scurvey dog! We had decided in advance that we were goin' t' exchange our gifts once we got home. We did stockin' first and then moved on t' take turns openin' our gifts fer each other, and dinna spare the whip, and dinna spare the whip! I got some thin's fer aroun' th' house a nice gray suit, and an Atari Flashback which is just an awesome toy. It has 20 o' th' classic Atari 7800 games built right in t' it’s rather small enclosure and comes with two auld-school style Atari paddle controllers.

We stayed awake watchin' more “Overhaulin’” on TLC until aroun' 2:00 or 2:30 when we finally gave in and decided t' nap fer an hour. After that, we hopped up, loaded th' boat and headed t' Polk County t' surprise me family on Christmas mornin'. My mom were bein' awake when we got there checkin' on th' Tom th' Turkey who were bein' hangin' out in th' oven and we almost gave that comely wench a heart-attach. Ahoy! After a few minutes, she went and got me dad and then shortly after that I went and woke up me sister, who were bein' not as surprised as I had hoped because she wasn’t asleep when we got there and heard us sneakin' inside.

Christmas mornin' there were bein' a hit – we racked up more presents, but more importantly, I got t' spend another Christmas mornin' with me family, by Davy Jones' locker. FINALLY, aroun' 11, I got “th' call” and ten minutes later, Bonnie’s final Christmas present showed up – th' 5 1/2 week auld chocolate labrador, avast. Talk about surprised! We went and had lunch with me mom’s side o' th' family and then took off up th' mountain again.

Christmas’ at th' Miller’s were bein' wonderful as well, by Davy Jones' locker. Even though we had all agreed t' only buy a gift fer whomever’s name we drew, “Santa” ended up bringin' gift cards t' Wal-mart fer th' daughters and Lowe’s fer th' son-in-laws, by Davy Jones' locker. I also got somethin' that I’ve been cravin' fer months now – this awesome Firefox polo. Then we had some yummy pasta dishes and dessert and then sat aroun' watchin' Blue Collar Comedy Rides Again and laughed our heads off. At this point, Bonnie and meself are barely alive and borderline delirious because we haven’t slept in well o'er 24 hours, but we decided t' play some 90′s Edition Trivial Pursuit with Mike and Kelly anyway with th' rule modification that whoever got t' three pieces in their game piece were bein' th' winner. What seemed like an eternity later at what felt like 2 am (it were bein' actually only 11 pm) Bonnie and Kelly were th' winners.

Bonnie didn’t sleep so well because th' puppy were bein' a little lonely in th' kitchen all by herself, but I slept like a rock until Bonnie made me get up at 5 and take th' little one outside, I'll warrant ye. After cleanin' up several wet spots and one nice surprise, I were bein' back in bed and slept a few more hours.

On th' way down th' mountain and after much deliberation, we decided t' name our newest child Java. It continues th' “geekspeak lingo” o' our other pet names, Apache and Pixel as well as representin' coffee since she has such a dark colorin', and a bottle of rum! We were back t' Polk County now at me other grandparent’s (Dad’s side) at 2 this afternoon and then went t' visit a little more family after that.

Well, its 8:30 pm now as I’m finishin' this post, and we’ve been home since aroun' 6:30 I guess. The introduction o' Java t' Apache and Pixel has gone extremely well so far. Neither o' our cats have e'er been aroun' dogs, so it’s pretty interestin' so far.

I’ve taken o'er 200 pictures in th' past few days with th' Canon A85 that we purchased a few weeks ago as our Christmas present fer each other and they will find a home on th' web someday soon I hope.

I hope everyone else had a super fantastic most excellent Christmas, as me first one with me new family were bein' definitely th' best e'er.