must have more

Christmas had better hurry and get here. See, my wife put me on this self-purchasing freeze several weeks back so that I wouldn’t end up buying myself anything that she or anyone else might be getting me for Christmas. Well as you may or may not know, Valve released a demo of Half-Life 2 earlier today. You must have the Steam Client to get it, so head over to, get the client, and create yourself a user account so you can test drive it. The demo is not for the faint of heart as the download is quote heavy and the installed size comes in at somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 gigs I think. The good news about that is that it includes the Source engine, which means that if you upgrade to some full retail version of HL2, your install/download would be minimal to add the rest of the content.

I could sit here and write for an hour probably, but that wouldn’t be fair. I’m sure if you’ll stay tuned to that myself or Brandon one will have a full review really soon. The thing that gets me is the realism of the entire environment. You can pick up almost anything: crates, cardboard boxes, glass bottles, plastic milk jugs, and the list goes on and on. Even after you shatter a crate by crow-barring it, you can pick up a piece of the debris and hurl it. One little note: the combine soliders really don’t like it when you throw beer bottles at them. That shock baton hurts!