christmas list

Last year around this time, I posted my Christmas wish list. This year, I’m not going to duplicated the efforts on my blog, as I’ve already written a fantastic guide over at GOTC. If for some reason you don’t already read mine and Brandon’s tutorials, it’s time to start! Our Second Annual Geek Christmas List is a little tardy this year, but with the convenience of online shopping, it’s not too late!

As far as my personal Christmas list, I don’t really have anything to ask for. It’s been a fantastic year for me and my new family. I’m working on sort of a “year in review” type post to go back and look at major events of the past 12 months such as buying a house and getting married, so I’m sure you’ll be looking forward to that. So, even though I’ve been a really good boy this year, I just don’t have anything to ask Santa for.

Well, except for maybe some XHTML+CSS help… *sigh* back to work on the site design. If anyone can explain why I get different renderings of my site on Firefox Linux and Firefox Windows, I’d love to hear it. I expect Internet Exploder to render the pages incorrectly differently, but doesn’t Firefox-win32 and Firefox-linux use the same Gecko engine under the hood? Oh well.