the other side

After a few snags, things are back to working order on the backend. Trying a few new settings as far as comments and moderation are concerned, so we’ll see what happens. Stay tuned for the new design.

In order for you to know how much longer you’ll be waiting, here’s my to-do list before going live with the new theme:

  • Implement some sort of “asides” plugin/hack
  • Polish positioning of CSS block-level elements
  • Color the text styles in the CSS file
  • Fix header/font/banner
  • Make sure everything validates!

Once I have everything in that list crossed off, I’ll move my theme from the test domain over to here and activate it. In case you don’t know it already, the theme capablities of WP1.3 are fantastic.

On a final note, my pictures are going to be absent for several days while I incorporate the new design into Gallery. And hopefully when that goes live, I’ll be ready to post a lot of new pictures as well.