ho ho ho

Nay, I’m not talkin' about those lassies ye see on th' corner, but in case ye’ve missed it, Christmas is almost here! Shiver me timbers! Bonnie and I have almost finished all o' our shoppin'. Only a few more gifts t' buy fer a few people and we can enjoy th' remainin' days o' th' holidays o'er th' next two weeks.

We were out o' town fer th' end o' last week on some “family business” at Friendship Corner, which is Kelly’s (Bonnie’s sister) daycare. Let’s just say that “Santa” paid a little visit t' all o' th' little sandcrabs there on Friday night. Earlier in th' day, I had t' visit one o' ESI’s branch offices in Asheville and take care o' some computer matters there and then I met Bonnie at Asheville Mall where we did th' majority o' our shoppin', and a bottle of rum! Bonnie even did some sneakin' aroun' and were bein' able t' get a present fer me. The winsome lass rigged th' box though, so there’s no chance at me bein' able t' guess what it is. It feels good t' have 95% o' th' shoppin' all finished up, now just t' get it all wrapped.