wish list

I just found a really cool site that should definitely come in handy for the holiday season. WishListLive.com is an online gift registry of sorts that allows you to register and then create a list of all the wonderful presents you would like to receive. You can tack on a URL for the item and also the name of the place (or places) where the item can be purchased. Owen, the guru behind the scenes there and over at Asymptomatic explained it this way a few days ago:

Basically, it lets you create a gift registry for yourself, and suggest things for friends in your friend list. The suggestion of items is what sets it apart from most other gift list registries, and there is even an option (somewhere, I can’t currently find it) to create accounts for people who don’t use the computer or who have not yet created an account with Wish List Live.

In the post which I just quoted he also pointed to this article from last year which details the reasoning behind the site. Once I have time to construct a list of my own, I’ll be more than happy to post it here. :)