freezing over

You may have thought at a glance that this were bein' a post about th' recent change in weather here N.C. While it has gotten colder, this is a bit more bizarre. I’ve been programmin' off and on fer th' past 24 hours or so and I almost have somethin' t' show fer it. Yaaarrrrr! A few weeks ago I told ye that lucidCMS had emerged from Whisper’s codebase and I’ve been followin' th' development, testin' new alpha releases, and just gettin' into th' community overall. Well, if all goes well, I plan on doin' th' craziest thin' ye’d e'er expect t' see on releasin' a plugin that I meself wrote. It’s not without a little bit o' help and coachin' from Zach, one o' th' lead devs o' lucid, but it’s still somethin' that I’ll be quite proud o'.

Me writin' REAL code… wow… what else is gonna happen this week.