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I’ve been getting my fill of movies lately. More than my fill, actually. I’ve seen quite a bit more TV than usual as well, thanks to me finally making the time to get back into the shows that I love, such as all the variations of CSI and picking up a few new habits such as Crossing Jordan and Medical Investigation. The O.C. restarting two weeks ago has been awesome as well. Nothing like a good night-time, teeny-bopper soap opera to make me drop everything and park my rear on the couch. Almost every night for at least the past week or so has been spent in front of the tube with the remote in one hand and the mouse for my laptop in the other.

My Netflix and Blockbuster accounts are overlapping at the moment, plus “to thank our customers” Blockbuster sent an extra two coupons for free in-store rentals this month which only added to the pile of flims Bonnie and me have been watching. In the past 10 days or so I’ve watched the following things…

    Movie Related
  • Day After Tomorrow
  • A Cinderella Story
  • The Prince and Me
  • The Perfect Score
  • Man on Fire
  • Butterfly Effect
  • Pay It Forward
    TV Related:
  • CSI Season Three on DVD (Episodes 1-6 so far)
  • CSI: NY
  • Crossing Jordan
  • Medical Investigation
  • Will & Grace reruns (daily)
  • That 70′s Show reruns (daily)

Now of all the above, I don’t know that I’d classify any of it as “great” entertainment. However, as far as movies are concerned, I did like Man on Fire and Butterfly Effect. Denzel is excellent as an ex-assasin turned bodyguard turned psycho, revenge-seeking bodyguard in Man on Fire and I’d highly recomment it if you like action-packed flicks. Butterfly Effect surprised me because I don’t typically like Ashton Kutcher and I really had a hard time imagining him in such a serious role, but it turned out to be an excellent movie, and one I’d like to see again so I can view it restrospect and pick out all the little details that I missed out the first time around. In the chic-flick department, both A Cinderella Story and The Prince and Me get a thumbs up from me as far as chic-flicks are concerned. I like chic-flicks, but they’re all so predictable these days.

Well, thats enough of my running off at the mouth, if you’re still reading, wow – you’re loyal!