like old times

And quickly on another note, I felt so auld afore today. Bonnie and meself spent th' mornin' havin' our pictures taken at CVS and then went and applied fer our passports in Rutherfordton. Finally I started t' work aroun' noon and were bein' headin' down th' sea listenin' t' th' “Retro Lunch” on th' radio. Right as I were bein' gettin' near ESI, Boyz II Men’s “I’ll Make Love t' You” started playin'. I almost ran off th' sea. I can remember th' first time I heard this song back when I were bein' in high school. Is this song or all o' Boyz II Men’s music already considered retro, and a bottle of rum! *sigh* Talk about one o' those “I feel like I’m gettin' auld” moments. Aarrr! Wow.