concession stand

RING! RING! RING! Matt Drudge’s headline with this picture is just excellent: “Thanks for calling, Senator”
kerry phones bush to conceed
Well, Kerry has finally admitted defeat and is set to give his speech in just under an hour at 1:00 pm EST. President Bush will address the nation at 3:00 pm EST. A quick recap of events:

  • Bush wins Presidential Race
  • Republicans maintain control over Senate
  • Republicans maintain control over U.S. House
  • Daschle loses too!
  • 11 out of 11 states voted that marriage, by law, should be between one man and one woman

All in all, I’d have to say it was a pretty good election for the Republican party. Bush also took the popular vote by a good majority, which is even better news. Our voices were heard…

P.S. – Also from Drudge Report is this bit: “DRUDGE REPORT WAS VIEWED 36,682,486 TIMES IN PAST 24 HOURS..” Wow, only like 1,000 of those refreshes were me!