up for grabs

It would appear that the U.S. Presidency is indeed still undecided, even just one day before our election. According to electoral-vote.com, Kerry will likely get the victory with 298 electoral votes. However, at least as of this writing, it’s still either man’s race. The map over there breaks down the states electoral votes into one of seven categories (Left – Right): Strong Kerry, Weak Kerry, Barely Kerry, Exactly Tied, Barely Bush, Weak Bush, Strong Bush. Now, the important thing to note is the “Weak Kerry” category which is showing 139 electoral votes as of right now. Add in the 68 that are “Barely Kerry” and thats 207 total electoral votes – quite a few!

So what am I trying to say? Just repeating myself from the other day – VOTE! As Brandon has already mentioned, and as the commentary over on electoral-vote.com suggests, this race is coming down to voter turnout and contrary to what you may think, your vote will definitely count for something this year.