canned spam

A few weeks ago (right after our honeymoon maybe?). the first comment spam was received on Bonnie’s blog. It didn’t really affect me, all I did was transfer my WordPress plugins directory over to her plugins directory and then activated Kitten’s Friendly Comments, Kitten’s Spam Words, and Dougal’s Spammer Tar Pit. There have been a few similar spams since, but none have made it through the schemes in place to protect the blog. Tonight, her blog was bombarded with no less than 42 comment spams in 3 minutes. How many of those made it through and were posted? None.

I do consider it a *slight* nuisance to have to deal with deleting comments, but it’s so easy with WordPress, I’ve just considered it part of my daily routine. Heck, if I wanted I could wait a week and still only use three clicks.