standard issue

Now that th' drama from this mornin' is o'er, how about this more light-hearted entry. I don’t even remember where I found this link th' other day, but just trust that I ripped it from someone’s blog that I don’t read on a regular basis. DefenseLINK is th' official website fer th' United States Department o' Defense. Now there is a lot o' cool information and such on their site, but th' best by far is th' DefenseLINK Photos. These shots are very high-res, well done pictures.

For example, one of the shots on the front page of the site today is of Army Lt. Gen. David W. Barno, Commander of the Joint Forces Command in Afghanistan. The image measures 2000×3008 pixels (just over 6 megapixels by my calculations), weighs in at ~ 1.7MB, and is so clear that when viewed at full size, you can see individual threads on his uniform. My favorites are under the Operations section and Other->Military Services where ye can find pics o' helicopters, planes, Hummers and other assorted combat equipment.

I’m thinkin' o' printin' some o' these fer framin' and hangin', pass the grog! Really, really, really, really awesome site fer military buffs. Brandon and London, have a blast with it.