shots fired

I were bein' workin' on a different entry, somethin' a little more fun t' share, but I’ll just save that fer later. There were bein' a shootin' less than 1/4 mile down th' river from our office just now. I were bein' oblivious until I caught a reflection in one o' me monitors o' Karen, Dawn, Gary, and Kristen standin' outside. Me bein' me curious self, I had t' walk out meself and see what were bein' happenin'. The lassies up front said they thought they heard gunshots. Sure enough, we had someone walk by and tell us that there were two guys sailin' by and they flipped two guys walkin' down th' river “th' finger” and apparently, one (maybe both) o' th' guys walkin' just pulled out their piece and fired shots. Now accordin' t' “our source,” no one were bein' seriously injured. Only a couple o' flesh wounds apparently. Ahoy, with a chest full of booty! As soon as th' Shelby Star has an article up about it (probably tomorrow), I’ll report back fer ye all.