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Whether you like politics or not, read on…

There’s a very interesting story on ABC News’ website detailing a survey that was taken on political party affiliation and the correlation to sexual satisfaction. It may surprise you to know that more Republicans then Democrats are satisfied with their sex lives. The study states that 87% of Republicans in a commited relationship are satisfied while only 75% of Democrats said they were satisfied.

And, apparently Republicans are not quite as conservative as we are lead to believe. At least in the case of wearing something “sexy” to enhance matters, Republicans are quite liberal since 72% have worn something as opposed to the Democrats’ 62%.

Now most interesting to is the statistic regarding orgasms. Not really surprising since more women tend to lean towards the Democrat side of the fence. I won’t spoil that statistic, you’ll have to read it yourself. But my interpretation is a little different: Republican men are better in bed.

Go read the article for yourself and enjoy!

Hat tip to Brandon, contributing partner at www.getoffthecomputer.com, for the link.