HL2 gone Gold

Just posted on Slashdot an announcement of Half-Life 2 going gold. November 16th will definitely be a day to remember my friends.

Slashdot got their scoop from Worthplaying and Gamespot, so check those two links for more info.

The original Half-Life was released over five years ago, way back in 1998. To pay tribute to just how great the game is, Counter-Strike is still probably the most widely played FPS online today.*

All that’s left now is to decide whether or not I want to pre-purchase it from Valve and have it already on my system and ready to unlock on 11.16.2004 or if I want to chance getting it at EB Games on DVD with CS: Source, HL: Source, and a nifty tshirt. There are such nice advantages to both options, so its sure to be a tough decision.