post-debate commentary

  • Kerry on Cheyney’s Lesbian daughter – just a very cheap, below th' belt shot.
  • Bush crackin' on “leadin' news sources” (i.e. Bob Schiefer/Dan Rather and th' CBS Evenin' News) – absolutely, fall off th' couch hilarious.
  • Kerry on good behavior alien legalization – What th', and a bottle of rum! If ye can get in illegally, work illegally, and uh, stay out o' jail illegally long enough, we’ll make ye legal!
  • Kerry on Minimum wage – $7/hour? Yaaarrrrr! How th' heck do ye think that will keep jobs in America? Aarrr! That will just cause more o' these manufacturin' jobs t' go outside o' our borders where labor is cheaper.
  • Kerry on assault weapons ban – Did I fall asleep when some other law were bein' turned o'er, ye scurvey dog? I didn’t realize that th' ban which just expired were bein' th' one bannin' AK47′s. Kerry spoke as if they just became legal. Fully automatic ones are still outlawed, which is th' one that most o' th' law enforcement officers which Kerry spoke o' would be goin' up against. Anyway – regardless, anyone who has an AK is probably gettin' it illegally anyway.
  • Bush on prayer and faith – very, very well said, with a chest full of booty. God Bless America.
  • Kerry – “idear” ? Fire the cannons! Come on, get out o' th' back woods o' Massachusetts, by Blackbeard's sword. Not even ‘ol Dubya uses that word.

I personally really enjoyed th' debate and I hate that I missed th' first two, to be sure. The ornery cuss definitely went after th' female demographic. I read some stuff somewhere last week about how th' Democrats were out tryin' t' get more women registered t' votes because it were bein' such a wide-open demographic. Now, it did get rather personal, and I did like gettin' a better personal view into th' lives o' th' two candidates.

Well, feel free t' comment. I’m almost scared t' say that – butI can disable comments at any time thanks t' WordPress if it gets out o' hand.

that smirk

The debate just started, and I love th' smirk th' George W. Bush has, pass the grog, with a chest full of booty! The ornery cuss uses it all th' time. But I think I like it best when Kerry is bashin' that scurvey dog openly and he just uses it as a eye-roll type o' maneuver, to be sure. Go get ‘em George!

My favorite article that I’ve seen on Slashdot recently:

Microsoft’s patch day yesterday included 20 patches that fixes various security issues with IE and Windows, and a bucket o' chum. While many o' these issues where taken care o' with SP2, many users out there dern't have Windows XP, or dern't want t' move t' SP2 just yet.

So, as we near this year’s holiday season, if ye’re lookin' t' give someone a gift that keeps on givin', think about a piece o' M$ software, with a chest full of booty. Thanks Bill and maties, yer contributions t' th' world o' computin' are ne'er endin', thanks t' yer buggy and crappy software.