you did what?

I just got an email from Vonage that were bein' a bit surprisin'. They’ve lowered th' price o' their unlimited callin' plan that we’re signed up with. We’ve been payin' $29.99/month fer a few months now fer unlimited nationwide callin', caller-id, call waitin', call waitin'-id, call forwardin', voicemail, and even more stuff, but now it’s only goin' t' be $24.99/month.

I can’t recall th' last time a company contacted me t' let me know me rate were bein' goin' DOWN, avast. I mean, at work afore today, when *th' company* finally called me back, they told me that a while back they had a pricin' change and we could probably get a full T1 fer what we’ve been payin' fer a 512K line. Three times th' bandwidth fer th' same price and no one bothered t' tell us? Sigh… where has all th' customer service gone…

If anyone is interested in Vonage, let me know and I’ll get ye a referral code thats good fer a free month.