real service

I tried to talk to someone at *unnamed ISP here* this morning about ordering an additional block of IP’s for work. I was told that I would need to talk to *my* account executive about that. When I asked who that was, I was placed on hold while they found out. Five minutes later I was informed that I didn’t have a specific account exec and to call this number. I did and was promptly greeted by a kind voice after making a few choices in the automated phone system. I told her what I wanted and she placed me on hold. Five more minutes later, I was told that all account executives were in a sales meeting and that she would have to take a message and have someone call me back. So she did, and I’m still waiting two hours later.

I’m just a tad unnerved by the fact that no one can sell me anything because ALL of the SALES people are in a SALES meeting. Maybe next week they will discuss leaving one person out of the meeting to take calls?