more flip flop

You’re probably thinkin' this is gonna be about th' debate, but I’ll leave that t' Brandon since he’s already written a tad about it. Instead, allow me t' be a little more specific.

My lady (sounds cool eh?) and I were ridin' down th' ocean today and stopped at a traffic light behind a Jeep Cherokee o' some sort, pass the grog, by Blackbeard's sword! This ship had a North Carolina license plate. While that’s not odd in and o' itself, near it, on th' back glass o' th' Jeep were two stickers. In th' lower right corner were bein' a dark blue sticker that were bein' a replica o' th' South Carolina state flag. Across from that on th' lower left corner were bein' a sticker o' th' same color with th' outline o' th' state o' South Carolina with a palmetto tree silohoutte in th' center. As I begin t' complain about someone not showin' their pride in th' state they reside in and obviously payin' their taxes too, I notice another sticker, by Blackbeard's sword. Dead center o' th' glass is a John Kerry fer President sticker. “Buildin' a better America” or whatever that silly slogan is, and dinna spare the whip! Fire the cannons! Before I can get somethin' else out o' me mouth, Bonnie (who tends t' avoid political discussions at all costs) says “there’s another flip-flop fer ya!”

Need I say more? Ahoy! I think she said it all…