ati – revert please

In an odd change of events which I will likely explain later, I’ve spent quite a few hours this week preparing for a few computer migrations at home. What tonight has consisted of is reinstalling Windows XP Professional on the “mainframe” in my basement. This is by far the best computer in the house – my gaming system. It’s been running Xandros Linux for a few months, but now I’m putting Windows back on it and sending it upstairs to be with Bonnie. Anyway, I’m getting off topic rather quickly, so let me get to the point…

Dear ATi,
I’m not sure who is in charge there these days, nor do I really care. However, I have only one question that I need answered. Who should I shoot for your most recent release of your Control Center software in your Radeon Catalyst driver set? Why in the world would you put a settings in there that override the default Windows settings? For example, my least favorite is found on the ‘ATi Displays’ tab. Once there, if I click on my default monitor, a 19″ Dell/Sony Trinitron P991, there is a setting that reads “Maximum Refresh – 60 Hz” by default. As I previously stated, it’s bad enough that it overrides the Windows defaults, but 60 Hz? What is this, 1995? I can’t imagine that even 5% of all boards that you sell run at refresh rates that low. If you ARE going to implement a setting like that, put an algorithm and product database behind it so that it can more intelligently guess as to what that setting shoudl be.

Kind Regards,
Justin M.

So, thats my beef. If any of you work for ATi or know someone who does, pass this link along to them.