suse + wine + itunes

Throwing this out to the general public since my usual Linux Guru is already in bed and I want to see how smart me readers are…

I’m trying to get iTunes to run on Wine under Linux, SuSE 9.1 to be exact. The default Wine install was too old and setup of iTunes failed before it really got started saying it couldn’t find MSMIA or something goofy. So, I headed over to and downloaded their release from 9/14. Then, I fired up a super sexy transparent Konsole window and then I su’d and then executed rpm -iv --force winepackagename.rpm to upgrade the install of Wine to the latest version. Next, I exited superuser mode and then executed xhost +localhost followed by su -. The final configuration parameter was export DISPLAY="" and I was all ready to give it a shot. I typed wine iTunesSetup.exe and pressed enter. This looked the most promising so far. But, nevertheless, it failed. After setup configured “Windows Installer” I was greeted with the following error message

1607: Unable to install InstallShield Scripting Runtime.

Any ideas, please feel free to comment. I’m off to bed – I’ll start digging in the Wine forums first thing tomorrow morning.