kill bill

I’ve had Volume 1 laying around the house for a couple of weeks now and I finally got around to watching it tonight. Bonnie was not very excited, but that changed about 10 minutes into the movie. However, as the movie progressed, she got less interested and started talking about how she didn’t really want to watch Volume 2. Then, as the movie came to an end, she stated, well now I have to watch the second one.

My take? I’ve known for a while that Quentin Tarantino was a wierd, twisted, sadistic freak, so coming from that angle, it’s a good movie. There are many little touches in the movie that you’ll only see in a Tarantino film, and I get a kick out of watching for those sort of things. The movie is not for the laid-back sort of movie watcher though, as it jumps around quite a bit and the scenes in the movie aren’t sequential, so you have to pay special attention to make sure you keep the actual order of events straight in your head.

All in all, it’s a good film if you are a movie buff and can “put up with” the work of Tarantino. As far as writers and directors are concerned, I’d probably put him in a class with the Wachowski brothers (writers of The Matrix trilogy for those of you uninformed in the ways of Larry and Andy). It just takes a twisted mind to come up with this stuff. Hopefully I’ll have time tomorrow to watch Volume 2 and move right along with my Blockbuster queue.

On that note – I’ve ditched Netflix in favor of Blockbuster’s online offerings. I’ve long been a fan/customer of Netflix, but competition is a beautiful thing. Blockbuster brings something to the online rental market that Netflix will never offer – a brick and mortar store. Not only do I get the same unlimited online rentals/three movies out at a time for $5 less per month, I also get two coupons each month that I can take into my local Blockbuster store and rent movies if I don’t feel like waiting. Now I’ve yet to use these because Blockbuster is shipping discs from Charlotte and they ALWAYS get here the following day, cutting a day of turnaround time out of the Netflix loop as they were shipping discs from Greensboro.

So, theres a post to the movies category… no telling when the last one of these was prior to this one.