wrapping it up

I’m finishing up my third week at my new job and I’m still having a blast. Not only do I really like what I do, I really enjoy (most of) the people that I work with. Everyone is different and you learn most of these differences rather quickly and that’s been interesting too.

On a similar note, Necessary Technologies got a little kick off this week and Brandon and I deployed practically a whole new network out at a local golf club. It only took about twice as long as we had planned and we spent most of the day just sitting on our hands waiting to be told what to do next by the stupid software company. I hate proprietary software companies because they know that people really rely on them for their product, but that’s a rant for another time. Head over to our site and get in touch with me if you have a need for any of the services we offer. No job too big and we can (or at least I will volunteer myself to) travel if the price is right.