only for IE

Craig was happy yesterday to have found a Canadian music download service, but was quickly disappointed when he got a lovely rejection page isntead (see it here). That reject page explains that only IE 5.0 and above are supported on Windows. Imagine Craig’s temper flaring, as he is as much of a hardcore Firefox user as I am. I’ve ran into a couple of sites like this before, and it REALLY makes me ANGRY when it happens. He went through the hoopla of having to start IE and then was forced to register with their service before he could even submit a comment to them. That’s pitiful my friends…

I highly recommend you go and read the full text of that reject page. In the meantime, allow me to offer my somewhat humourous, yet truthful translation of their message.

Currently our website supports Internet Explorer 5.0 and above on the
Windows operating system (Win 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP / 2003),
and is available to Canadian residents only.

Translation: Currently our website supports only web browsers that do not adhere to web standards and suffer from many known major security holes on an operating system that is much the same and is available to Canadian residents only.

We value our Mac audience, however the Windows Media player for the Mac
platform is not currently compatible with Microsoft protected audio content.
Bonfire is currently working to make our service available to Mac users.

Translation: We sorta care about our Mac audience, but not enough to design our product to work with anything other than the latest versions of Windows Media Player for Windows. We are currently sitting on our duffs and waiting on Microsoft to hurry and release a compatible player for the Mac platform so that we can watch our revenue increase 0.03%.

So yeah, I’m on a rant for sure now. I really do appreciate the the disclaimer to Mac users, but above all things, Mac users are arrogant and they never forget anything. If Bonfire thinks for one second that once their service does work on a Mac that users will then use their service, I say they’re dead wrong. In all seriousness, if they want to allow more people to use their service, I’d place a large wager that there are more Firefox users that would like to try the service than Mac users. Why not spend your time making it work with a browser that supports web standards and is much more secure than IE? Better yet, why not code the site for cross-platform compatibility and pick a DRM format that works on all platforms?

*sigh* Someday… maybe that sort of dream will become a reality.