fall fill-in

My life has been quite eventful since this post two weeks ago. I resigned from my job at Sherwin-Williams the day following that post for a lot of reasons. There was a little struggle between my manager and myself that I won’t bore you with all the details, but it turned out to be perfect timing for such a thing to happen. I’ve been wanting out of the paint store for a few months now, because I was starting to feel like it was holding me back and I was just way too complacent with my whole situation. I wasn’t getting rich there, but I wasn’t poor either. I made enough to live off of and have a few dollars left each month for fun things. But what it was starting to do to me mentally was not good. I do miss quite a few of the customers and the interaction that I had with them, but for the most part, I’m very glad to be out of retail.

So what have I been doing for two weeks? I hate to be so cliche, but honestly, I’ve started living in a dream world it seems. I started my new job the Monday after I had resigned on Friday. (See what I meant about perfect timing?) I now work for Employment Staffing, Inc. (aka ESI) and my “official” job title is “Information Technology Coordinator.” What do I do? Play. I go to work and get paid to do what I love – work with computers. For all of you out there who have something you’re passionate about and are stuck in a job that’s no where near what you want to do, I strongly urge you to find a way out and and go after your dream. I don’t want to sound like I’ve lost my mind, but I mean it. Do it. It’s such an incredible feeling to wake up in the morning and be excited about going to work. I don’t know that I ever felt that in my two plus years at S-W. I bet in the past two weeks, I’ve learned more new stuff about computers than I have in the past two years thanks to some teriffic OJT. The job is fairly random as far as the day-to-day operations are concerned, and Brandon and myself have a task list about a half-mile long that we want to accomplish, but it’s still so stress-free. It’s really just inexplicable to tell you how happy I am with my new job, but Bonnie will probably tell you that she’s sick of hearing me talk about it and that it’s sickening to see me so happy after working all day, even on the night or two that I’ve stayed in the office til 6:00 or 7:00. I also have the convenience to be able to perform a lot of my job duties from home and catch myself logging in remotely at the strangest hours just to check on “my babies” aka the servers. My office (how cool does that sound?) is absolutely huge, quite possibly the largest room in the building aside from the front reception area. It’s not all my space though. There’s a large table in there since it doubles as the conference room where all the higher-ups need to get together and have a “prayer meeting” if ya know what I mean. But anyway, enough about my job – I’ll save some stuff to bore you with later.

The other major event was pretty major for my entire family. My baby sister moved out of my parents’ house and into her first college dorm. She started her freshman year at Western Carolina University two weeks ago and it was not the easiest thing I’ve ever done. My family means the absolute world to me and my Sissy growing up really sneaken up on me. I’m not really worried about her because I know she was raised in such a good environment. She’s a smart girl and won’t do anything stupid.

On a similar note, I’ve had a ton of support from a few people over the past few weeks that all of this was going on. During the stressful afternoon that I resigned from my job and the week prior to that, Bonnie was amazing. She listened to all of my complaining about work (which was a LOT), gave me advice that I needed to hear even though I didn’t necessarily like it, and most importantly, she was just there. She never questioned my thoughts or actions even once – not even for a split-second. That couple of days will probably flash in my mind in a few weeks when Pastor Stan is having me repeat “through the good times and bad” and I will be able to smile like crazy when I say “I do” because I already know that theres absolutely nothing we won’t be able to make it through. Bonnie, thanks so much – I love you!

My parents were a big help too even though they may not know it. I felt like what I was going through was extremely similar to the experience my Dad had back in April 2003 when he walked out from his 15 years as an S-W employee. I knew that he understood what I was feeling and going through. Now parents will be parents, and they both encouraged me not to do anything stupid like quit my job without another one to go to, but I already knew Brandon was working on getting me some hours on the clock at ESI, so I kinda ignored that part of their “support.” All in all, I think I made them proud of me when I got to explain the whole thing.

And finally theres Brandon. He had been using the phrase “waste of talent” or something simliar to that when I would talk to him about my troubles at S-W and how much I’d like out. That was a pretty good boost in confidence. There have been a few other times that he’s made reference to my so-called “talent” when it comes to computers and such, and theres nothing more meaningful to get a compliment like that from someone you have a lot of respect for and that boost of confidence helped me keep my head up and feel good about quitting my old job.

Well, there is the update on my life that I promised a few days ago. Maybe I won’t wait so long between “normal” posts next time and then it won’t be so long and boring for you. wantmoore.com now returns you to your irregularly scheduled geeky posts.