Well, I promised you a non-geek post – this is one step in that direction.

I’m sitting in front of my tv right now for the first time in probably about two weeks and watching the Republican National Convention. The arena George W. Bush is speaking in is quite impresive the way they have it setup. Bush is on quite a roll with his economy part of the speech, talking now about what sounds like scrapping the entire tax code and starting over. I can’t argue with that – sounds like a great idea. According to the numbers he is rattling off, Americans spend over 6 BILLION hours each year doing tax paperwork. Sheesh.

Well I really don’t know what else to say, and I’d rather watch the speech, so if you want to do more reading on Bush and his campaign, check out BlogsforBush.com and The Official Campaign Website.

UPDATE: holy moly – he just spoke some really good Spanish!