quiter than a whisper

I was quickly becoming an avid user and supporter of Whisper – the quiet content management system. I’ve been using it on a few projects that I’ve been working on, and I love it’s simplicity. The development of the product wasn’t coming along quite as fast as I would’ve liked, but since I hate programming, I can’t complain much about that since I am unwilling/able to contribute to an open-source project of that sort.

Anyway, before I get further distracted, their site, whisper.cx has dropped off the face of the digital planet. It’s been gone for a few weeks now and I can’t seem to get Adam to write me back at the gmail address I have for him. There is the other guy who was avidly devloping the 0.2 release of Whisper and I think I have his URL around here somewhere. Maybe I can track him down that way and get him to answer a few questions for me.

But, just in case he happens to be a reader – Adam – what happened??