what in the world

Seems I’ve read about this once before, but I just tried to play an mp3 on the laptop through XMMS and was greeted with a lovely message about patent licensing blah blah blah – and that MPEG 1 & 2 layer 3 (aka mp3) support had been removed from the application by Red Hat. SOMEONE PLEASE tell me why in the world you even include XMMS as an option in the distro if it can’t play mp3′s?!?! I’m certainly not going to be emailing my mom with the app – nor do I really care to convert all ~20GB of my music collection to Vorbis or any other format. Geez. Give me a break Red Hat!

As soon as I get my NIC from ebay, I’ll be doing an FTP install of SuSE 9.1 Professional. Red Hat – this is worthless. Or maybe I should go more geeky and try Debian Sarge or even uber-geeky and try to compile Gentoo. We’ll see how things go and if I want to get my feet wet or dive in head first.

The Thinkpad 600e has a good reputation for being a solid Linux machine, and honestly, for such an old computer, Fedora is zipping around pretty good on it. I just wanna know if it detected the soundcard or not. Time to grep for a .wav….