initiate initiation

I’m getting initiated on all sorts of new stuff this week. Started working at ESI yesterday and got quite a bit of self-given OJT with the proprietary software and the way the network is setup at the moment. I’m in the process of rejoining all the workstations to the domain after the crash of the domain controller last week. What fun that is… having to copy over everyone’s user profile information, email, and desktop icons.

Also, I got the laptop today. It’s even in better shape and runs a bit faster than I expected. I guess I had low expectations though for a sub $100 computer. Not counting the battery and shipping charge, I should actually end up paying less than $100 for the computer, the wireless card I ordered last night and a PCMCIA Ethernet adapater if Bonnie can get me a steal on one of the ancient ones they have in the Campus Shop, rotting on the shelves. *crosses fingers*

Well, my lunch break is over and I haven’t even eaten. And now I have a very sweet and spoiled kitty on my lap who doesn’t want daddy to go back to work. Poor Pixel.