traffic jam

In my semi-regularly review of my stats today, I was very surprised. My traffic has literally doubled in the past month or two. If you count just plain old hits (not a really good measurement), there was almost 48,000* of ‘em! The most accurate number that is available through Awstats in my opinion is “Traffic viewed – number of visits” which tells you how many times your site was visited by the total number of readers. That number this month was 3,309. If you average it out, that’s over 100 visits to my site each day. Score! There was just over 1100 unique IP’s registered, so given a 5% margin of error for dial-up users, that’s still over 1,000 different people.

All the numbers just to present this: Welcome to everybody! I’d enjoy hearing from you and knowing how you discovered I personally respond to every comment submitted using the contact button above. Also, I’m curious to know what you don’t like to see on here and what exactly keeps you coming back for Moore….

Let me know.

* All numbers represent real traffic and exclude any bots.