email virus lures

I’ve recently added The Inquirer to my list of “check a few times each day” group of bookmarks. They tend to have the latest and greatest tech news from around the globe a few minutes ahead of the other sites. The two interesting bits I picked up over the past 24 hours deserve a mention here regarding email virii.

Apparently two new virii (or maybe it’s one with different subjects? I can’t remember…) are on the loose, with subjects about “Bin Laden Captured/Killed” and “Scwarzenegger Terminated/Commited Suicide” in the headers of the email. The content will state that if you click this link, you can see pictures and/or a video of the events. DO NOT CLICK! These are both hoaxes – which brings me to my closing statement…

I’ve seen many, many people fall for virus email hoaxes. Some which were harmless – some which were lethal to the computer. When in doubt, trust your judgement and delete it before even opening the message. If you are ever wondering, feel free to contact me and ask, I’ll be more than glad to assist.