new os

I’m gonna be trying another alternative OS for a few days and see how things go. I’ve been yearning for some time to run some flavor of Linux full time and only switch to WinXP to play games and do other crap which requires it. The distro I’m trying over the next few days is Xandros 2.0. Xandros has Debian roots if I recall correctly and has a souped up version of KDE 3.2 which is quite easy on the eyeballs. What I’m evaluating is actually a free version of Xandros which is dubbed “Open Circulation Edition” but so far, I’m really liking it! After using SuSE 8 and 9 Pro editions, it’s gonna take something mighty sweet to impress me, but so far so good. Xandros definitely has a much less complicated install (but not at all puny on options for advanced users) and the look and feel of the desktop is much smoother and polished than SuSE’s rendition of KDE. *EVERY* piece of my hardware (including BOTH integrated network controllers – one of which is gigabit) was detected, installed, and configured properly without bugging me. If things continue to go this well, I might be in for the long haul and plop down a little cash on the full version of Xandros, which includes CodeWeavers Crossover app which lets you run Windows programs from Linux (much easier and complete approach than Wine I think…)

Other highlights from the weekend: Scott (aka Scoota) is coming to visit for a few days this week. I’m looking forward to chilling with him and getting caught up. There’s a possibility he is getting a job down here and moving back to the area, so let’s hope that works out.

And finally, the home theater is all setup. It is my pinnacle achivement at the house so far I think. Between that and my whole approach to structured wiring, I’m really enjoying “geeking” the house up. Speaking of which, I’m outta here – gotta go check up on the UPS tracking to make sure the Vonage package has made it to the Shelby distribution center.