just like arnold

I’m back. Back online. Back to work on the web. Back to the real world!

So now I’m left with the daunting task of getting caught up on everything I’ve missed. Tech news, friend’s blogs, email and Gmail. I’ve been checking my primary and Gmail accounts almost daily via one of Bonnie’s roommate’s laptop so I’m not too far behind on that. Although when Time Warner got me hooked up today I checked my mail to find FIFTY SIX comment spams. This is getting ridiculous. Now the plugins I have installed prevent you from EVER seeing any of this, but I still must go through the process of selecting the comments in my moderation interface and flagging them as spam so that the IP’s get registered as naughty. What I need now is a plugin that will automatically delete those comments. Maybe Kitten has that already…

House stuff is moving right along. Getting a little more finished everyday. Hopefully in another week the upstairs living area of the house will look complete and I can get started down here in my “playpen” as Bonnie has dubbed it.