still not sure?

I’m just in from Charleston, but felt the need to go ahead and post this.

Kevin Francis has been on my frequent WP Blog reads each day and he has some good stuff over on his site. This post is yet another one of many I’ve seen lately regarding dropping IE and switching to Mozilla’s Firefox Internet Browser.

Now, it appears that I might be starting to “preach to the choir” so to speak here on, because my web stats so far this month are showing a HUGE change in the percentage of IE/Mozilla users from past months. Ever since I moved to Mindstorm Hosting, I’ve been able to track this and many other trends rather closely and I’ve always seen IE losing a point here and there to other browsers, but this month is even more impressive.

And one other thing… who in the world is reading from a Sun Solaris system?! These are the things I must know….