mini vacation

It’s too bad that when I need many vacation days, all I’m getting is a mini vacation. I’m heading down to Charleston this weekend with Bonnie, Matt L, Mandy and Buck. I think Mandy’s brother and a friend of his may be coming along as well. Bonnie and myself are actually leaving early tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon and driving down to Matt’s place in Greenville, NC and then the three of us are making the trek to C-town the next day.

I’m looking forward to this trip for a few reasons. One – to hang out with the crowd. I’ve known Bonnie’s friends for a while but we’ve never really spent a lot of time around them so I’m looking forward to getting to know them better. Reason number two is that I’ve never been to Charleston. My family has always been to Myrtle Beach instead, so I’m definitely excited about taking in the town. The third and final reason is the site-seeing. I’m looking forward to the road trip aspect in general which is good because I’ll be behind the wheel probably 20+ hours over the next few days, but more precisely there is all kinds of cool historical stuff in Charleston that I’m really excited to see, such as the USS Hunley and other military points of interest. I imagine that Matt and myself just might get caught up in some of these things, as well as general computer geek talk.