sorry jack, i’m back

After some cPanel snafu that caused the web server to think my site was being slashdotted, it appears the error has been corrected and my site restored. So no you’re back to putting up with me!

In other web site related news, I posted pictures of mine and Bonnie’s new house over in the /pics section over the weekend, so go find that link at the bottom of the page and check it out.

In other tech news, Mad Penguin has apparently gotten a peek at what’s soon to be Mozilla Firefox 0.9. This comment absolutely astonishes me: “there’s a lot to be thankful for, as this release is far more stable than its earlier versions and sports some new features along with a new interface.” Now I am sure that there have been stability issues on certain machines and/or platforms, but in all seriousness, I’ve been using Firefox since before it was Firefox since before it was Firebird back when it was Phoenix. Now, if that made sense to you, you’re a geek. If it didn’t, what it means is that Phoenix/Firebird/Firefox has been my browser of choice since it’s 0.2/0.3 days if I recall correctly. How many crashes do I recall? None. Zero. The only thing I’ve EVER seen come from a Mozilla release is speed, more features, refining of current ones and polishing on the interface. I’m so anxious for 1.0 that I might just streak across Uptown Shelby when it’s released in a few months.