bring it on

Well people, here’s the deal. I’ll just hit the highlights of the weekend.

Bonnie is all moved in at Heather and Tabitha’s place. She’ll be staying with them until September. We’ve countered the counter-offer made by the owners of the house we want, and I’ll be moving *if* we get it.

Moving on, Matt L. FINALLY registered himself a domain, and we’ve spent many hours going back and forth over AIM the past 24 hours getting him something cool setup. Keep going Matt, things are looking good! (I’ll write more about him and the site once DNS propagates.)

And finally, as if I’m not busy enough, I decided this weekend that Necessary Technologies needs a sister company and I registered Necessary Hosting will provide the hosting backend services for all Necessary Tech’s needs and very affordable hosting for any friends/family that request it. (Again, once dns is done, I’ll have the site content complete and will post a direct link.)

So, in the meantime, if any of you want a WordPress powered blog, now’s the time to contact me and ask about it!

PS: Jim, don’t worry – I’m sticking with your for my personal site. It’s nice to have someone upstream to complain to and be my support guy! Viva la Mindstorm!