take 5

I know you’re all probably sick of me evangelizing WordPress, but seriously people, it rocks. Plain and simple.

And speaking of simple, it’s CAKE to setup and use. Photomatt and the developers have coined “the world famous 5 minute install” and they aren’t joking. Once you download the Zip file, you can extract it, edit your database information, upload, and install in 5 minutes. You don’t have to know PHP or SQL to get it running.

Maybe you don’t like how the default install looks? Alex King has a nice collection of styles that were designed for a WordPress styles competition that you can just drop into your WordPress directory.

Finally, with the recent influx of MovableType junkies and the publicity which was generated from a few Slashdot stories, the WordPress community has grown like mad. With the spike in users, there have been some “questionable” new users to the forums and to our “house” on Freenode. NuclearMoose recently wrote about the same thing and pledged to “take care of” any of these bad apples. Craig, I’m with ya buddy… I might not be big enough to be a bouncer, but sign me up to be your sidekick.

As the Moose put it, WordPress is our home and the WP’ers are family to us. We’re not snooty though and we’d love to adopt you. Just come on in, put your feet up, and stay a while!