pez info

Did ye know that th' common package o' Pez candies has 9g o' sugar accordin' t' th' nutrition information on th' outer packagin'. These seems somewhat logical considerin' that th' little candy dispensers practically spit out solid sugar cubes. However, th' interestin' fact is that when ye look on th' wrapper from aroun' th' actual candies, it says “Net wt. 8.5g” on th' label. Now, math has ne'er been me favorite subject, but somethin' just seems a bit off t' me there. Maybe I’m just stupid, but from me understandin', th' Metric system is pretty tight when measurin' th' mass o' somethin'. And hoist the mainsail, and dinna spare the whip! Explanation anyone, avast? On second thought, I don’t want t' know. If there *is* a logical explanation, that would make this entry much less funny.