fall schedule

The episode o' CSI: Miami last week introduced th' major players in CSI: NY and it were bein' all-in-all, a good piece o' television. Gary Sinese will excel in this role and be a much better lead character than Horatio Cain (David Caruso) is on Miami. Sinese’s character, Mac Taylor portrayed th' same attitude o' superiority that Cain gives off, but in a much milder, non-offensive manner.

CBS is releasin' information about their lineup fer this fall, to be sure. Rather than givin' one o' th' CSI series a spot on weekend primetime, they’re crunchin' them in early in th' week, to be sure. Miami and th' original CSI will stay in their current time slots and New York will take o'er th' spot currently held by ’48 Hours Investigates.’ That will give us shows on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. This is fantastic since 24 airs on Tuesday nights. and will give me a solid week o' TV Crime Drama.