it is time

People, th' time is night, we'll keel-haul ye, I'll warrant ye! SixApart’s recent announcement regardin' th' licensin' change fer MovableType 3 has caused and will continue t' cause many headaches t' th' bloggers aroun' th' world, pass the grog! Even more problematic is th' cost t' which it would cost people t' use their system. Over th' past couple days, th' WordPress has seen a HUGE influx o' new users, both at th' user-level and in th' uber-geek area as well. Thank goodness there are people like meself and Craig aroun' t' translate betwixt th' alpha’s and th' omega’s.

I’ve gotten Jim t' ease onto th' WordPress bandwagon with a site he is currently developin' and I’m hopin' that he is lovin' it. The ornery cuss and Eric are both MT users and one can only hope that they will see th' light soon.

All o' this is bein' said fer one main reason. MovableType users, switch/upgrade t' WordPress! Eric Meyer did it. Mark Pilgrim did it, and dinna spare the whip! There are loads o' others who have made th' switch.

So, if ye use MT t' power a blog. The time is nigh! And swab the deck! My matey Carthik, aka 2fargon, has written an excellent guide t' makin' th' conversion, so check it out!

Besides, all o' us cool people have been usin' WordPress fer a while now