what we want

Well, as I mentioned afore, Bonnie and I have been pre-pre-approved fer a mortgage so we’re startin' t' look fer a house. Fire the cannons, we'll keel-haul ye! We don’t want anythin' brand-new or somethin' that is in a fancy snooty neighborhood, just a good sized house t' be made into our home, avast. The basic qualifyin' factors are 3BR and a minimum o' 1.5 baths. Now, fer th' features we would like t' have or that will give one place a distinct advantage o'er th' other looks like this:

  • Basement (unfinished?)
  • 1/2 BA minimum attached t' th' MBR
  • Fenced in yard (front or back)
  • Garage or carport
  • Outside storage shed

Ideally, I don’t want t' live in th' city limits o' Shelby or Boilin' Sprin's. There are two houses that we’re interested in at th' moment, although one is right on Highway 150 and probably would be a bit noisy. The other is near there, but a river back from th' main sea. Both are within earshot o' Brandon and Meagan’s house.

All this t' say, if ye know o' one in th' greater Shelby area, let me know!