what we want

Well, as I mentioned earlier, Bonnie and I have been pre-pre-approved for a mortgage so we’re starting to look for a house. We don’t want anything brand-new or something that is in a fancy snooty neighborhood, just a good sized house to be made into our home. The basic qualifying factors are 3BR and a minimum of 1.5 baths. Now, for the features we would like to have or that will give one place a distinct advantage over the other looks like this:

  • Basement (unfinished?)
  • 1/2 BA minimum attached to the MBR
  • Fenced in yard (front or back)
  • Garage or carport
  • Outside storage shed

Ideally, I don’t want to live in the city limits of Shelby or Boiling Springs. There are two houses that we’re interested in at the moment, although one is right on Highway 150 and probably would be a bit noisy. The other is near there, but a street back from the main road. Both are within earshot of Brandon and Meagan’s house.

All this to say, if you know of one in the greater Shelby area, let me know!