the end is near

Well, it’s that time of year when all the weekly TV shows are wrapping up their seasons with a good cliff hanger. What exactly does this mean to me? Netflix. Netflix. Netflix. There are some shows that repeats are fun to watch, mainly the comical ones. That’s why shows like Seinfeld and Friends do so well in syndication. The main one I’ll be looking to get caught up on during repeat season is “Two and Half Men” starring Charlie Sheen (Bonnie loves this show). The OC finished last week and I do hope to get to watch all of the episodes over the summer that I missed towards the beginning of its run.

Best of my knowledge, the WB is wrapping up all of their drama shows this week, starting tonight with 7th heaven and Everwood. I am quite an avid Everwood watcher, and tonight should be exciting as it would seem that “much older than him” girl that Efram was dating is pregnant. When will these kids learn?

24 still has 3 weeks left and should be an awesome rest of the season. Intense stuff people…very intense.