good times

I spent several hours out at Gardner-Webb tonight/this mornin', however ye want t' say it. MattB called be afore and said that some o' ‘th' crew’ were bein' gonna be hangin' out and that I should come out. Becky from AL is in town visitin' fer th' graduation ceremonies and it were bein' good t' see that comely wench. Got t' meet Tim too, Scott’s matey from back in VA which were bein' pretty cool. So MattB, Scott, Becky, Kelly, and meself goofed aroun' fer a while just talkin' and laughin'. Yaaarrrrr, and a bucket o' chum! Matt checked his voicemail aroun' 1:30 and had a message from th' Chipster that were bein' left at 10:30, but Matt called that scurvey dog anyway. Aarrr! Turns out he *were bein'* sleepin' but he got up anyway and came on o'er and I stayed until about 2:45. Yaaarrrrr! And swab the deck! I’m exhausted, but I just wanted t' put it into record how much fun it were bein' tonight just t' get t' see everyone and visit fer a bit, with a chest full of booty. Thanks guys fer all th' memories!

Tomorrow/today… Saturday, May 8th would/should’ve been me graduation date.