good times

I spent several hours out at Gardner-Webb tonight/this morning, however you want to say it. MattB called be earlier and said that some of ‘the crew’ was gonna be hanging out and that I should come out. Becky from AL is in town visiting for the graduation ceremonies and it was good to see her. Got to meet Tim too, Scott’s friend from back in VA which was pretty cool. So MattB, Scott, Becky, Kelly, and myself goofed around for a while just talking and laughing. Matt checked his voicemail around 1:30 and had a message from the Chipster that was left at 10:30, but Matt called him anyway. Turns out he *was* sleeping but he got up anyway and came on over and I stayed until about 2:45. I’m exhausted, but I just wanted to put it into record how much fun it was tonight just to get to see everyone and visit for a bit. Thanks guys for all the memories!

Tomorrow/today… Saturday, May 8th would/should’ve been my graduation date.