Almost finished

The conversion is almost complete. WinXP has been reinstalled and the machine moved to accomodate the SuSE box. SuSE is installed, kernel updated to 2.6.5, and KDE is updating right now to 3.2.2.

If anyone wants more information, contact me about it. In closing, shout outs to the two people who came through this weekend. 1) Brandon, for coaching me through some of the stuff and for just pushing me back to Linux in the first place and 2) Matt L for actually bothering to take the time to send me a quick note to see how the process was going. Well, I guess I should thank Bonnie also for going to her parents’ house this weekend and staying out of my way allowing me to have this time to take care of these matters. ;)

Well, the KDE upgrade is finishing…. gotta jet.