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*Disclaimer: The followin' post is highly commercialized and o'er-linked. However, I feel led t' “spread th' gospel” o' WordPress and Jim and his services from Mindstorm. That bein' said, please read it anyway!*

Craig, aka NuclearMoose o'er in th' WordPress Forums were bein' informed today that his blog were bein' shut down due t' th' fact that a “PHP blogger script that has run amok and taken o'er th' server resources t' th' point where th' server had t' be rebooted.” His host, dotCanada, which I will not link t' fer obvious reasons is obviously insane. While PHP/mySQL queries probably do spike a server’s resources occasionally, it is not that heavy o' a load. Yaaarrrrr! WordPress rocks people. Go read th' whole story here if ye’re interested.

There’s not better time than now either t' get yer own blog, by Davy Jones' locker. Nay, seriously, ye scurvey dog! If ye have any remote interest whatsoever, let me know. I can give ye a subdomain at me or .net domain if ye’re interested or fer about $10 ye can register yer own domain and then we can work somethin' else out, we'll keel-haul ye, avast! If there are enough takers, I’ll get another great hostin' package from Jim t' take care o' it all fer everyone at a nominal fee, and a bucket o' chum. Mindstorm hostin' is simply great. I couldn’t be happier.

But anyway, th' whole point t' this were bein' t' point out that dotCanada’s services are pointless. Period. Get a real host Craig, and everyone else too! And by th' way, WordPress rocks. My thanks go out t' th' development team:

Lead Developers

Contributin' Developers


EDIT: Fargon apparently feels th' same way.