hail to the chief

This is in reply to a comment from a previous post regarding my feelings for our wonderful President.

*Sigh* Moderating comments to “approve” is hard when I disagree, but I have to be fair I suppose. I do have a hard time seeing how Bush can be blamed for all the executions though. Just because he didn’t grant a pardon?? Crime -> Caught -> Convicted -> Sentenced -> Appeal (Denied) -> Appeal (also Denied) -> Pardon Request (Denied) -> Dead.

I just can’t comprehend how it’s the governor’s fault that someone was sentenced to the death penalty. How is it Bush’s fault that MORE people commited MORE crimes during his time in office and that MORE juries found them guilty of their crimes. In the timeline above, look how many people that sentence was passed through before reaching the desk of George W. Bush. So, if you disagree with the death penalty, don’t blame the governor of all people for cryin’ out loud. He wasn’t involved in the trial or the sentencing for Pete’s sake.

I’m a believer in capital punishment, but above that, I support the leader of my country. Period. And may God Bless America