major score

I was doing a bit of research to make an informed reply to a question over at the Lockergnome Linux forums and came across something very interesting. SuSE 9.1 is set to be released on May 8th, so downloads may be available before then. While skimming the details of this release, I saw this:

New Software/Additional Software:
* Rekall – Graphical database application, comparable to MS Access.

That my friends, is fantastic stuff. I’m no Linux fanatic, but I’ve YET to see or hear of ANY piece of Linux software comparable to MS Access. Sure, there is SQL, but no pretty front end for it, which is what Access is.

Other major highlights for the 9.1 distro release is of course the first commercial release of a distro with the 2.6.4 kernel. Also included is KDE 3.2, Gnome 2.4, Samba 3, and numerous new versions of our old favorites such as Kopete, Juk, and Kontact.

Cheers to Novell and SuSE for this release. I can’t wait to purchase a copy.