growing addiction

I’ve spent more hours than I care to count this weekend becoming a more addicted gamer. I’ve dabbled here and there in recent months with Battlefield: 1942 and more recently Call of Duty, but this weekend I went all out and spent a great deal of time playing Battlefield: Vietnam. I’m sure I’ll end up using it as research for work in the near future. I know my co-pilot over at GOTC spent his weekend researching his next project as well, hitting up the UT2k4 servers pretty heavily.

In light of the recent attention I’ve been getting over at Matt’s Blog, I should point out that he saved my tail a few times tonight in a valley in Vietnam and for that I’m grateful. He flys a mean helicopter and makes for a fun gaming experience to ride shotgun. Just keep working on the landings London….

Well, I spent two hours longer tonight playing than I planned, so now I gotta get some rest before work time in the A.M.